Berliner Intermediates

Berliner Intermediates (BI) is a distribution brand of a diverse range of naturally sourced intermediates and additives for various industrial applications.

CASE and Foams formulators, manufacturers of thermosetting and thermoplastics solutions, food conservation and preparation: these are all realistic examples of the range of applications addressed by BI.

Berliner Intermediates is part of Elmira Industrial Supplies u.g., a Berlin based trading company. 

Products We Offer

Bio aromatic and amine modified intermediates, bio aliphatic diols, vegetable oils

water retainer, viscosity enhancer, ice-crystals inhibitor

water retainer, viscosity enhancer, ice-crystals inhibitor

Beyond Flavors

Taste remains the number one driver in purchase intent, and consumers do not want to compromise. Our food heritage and extensive sourcing expertise allow us to discover and translate the best taste experiences from nature’s high quality ingredients.

Our global network of flavorists, biochemists and fermentation experts give us the insights, knowledge and technical expertise to help the manufacturers we partner with deliver flavorful, authentic and clean solutions to consumers.