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Mediation & TimeSaving

For those technical developers/purchasing responsible interested in BI’s offer, we are here not only to present a comprehensive catalogue of performing and viable solutions for your formulations or your products library but also to support you by mediating with the suppliers we know under the best terms and conditions.

We do not have the product of your wish, listed in our catalogue? All is good! If you get in touch and tell us what you need, we might find the way to source it for you or point you out in the right direction.

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Maximising Sustainable Business

For those suppliers interested in seeking a new distributor within the EU, we are here to offer expert knowledge in handling sales for highly technical products within the PU and other sectors. Particularly in the PU, we are in contact with an extensive network of system-houses, developers, end-users, which will help us in promoting for you.

We will always select the products to distribute for those we already distribute, on behalf of our suppliers.

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Market & New Products Research

BI is available to discuss new projects aimed at investigating the market for the applicability of new products or existing products for new applications or the development status of current technology and its competition level.
We are curious, and we enjoy interacting with people and investigating.


Operations Management

BI enjoys partnerships with several logistics partners for warehousing and local redistribution from Riga, Milan, Stock-on-Tees Minsk and Moscow. We currently use them for our ExaPhen Polyols CastPols and AgroPols brands. The next can be your brand of sustainable intermediate.


What makes us different

We primarily want to focus on sustainable intermediates with a low or even inverse impact on the production of CO2 in the environment, during their life cycle. Possible sources could be either from recycled content or naturally occurring oils, including polyols and its monomers.

On the side, we continuously look for the opportunity of stimulating the market with further products categories such as pre-polymers catalysts additives and blowing agents.