Added Services

About us

Berliner Intermediates is  about two elements: appreciation and customer. BI is driven by a passion to excel, we believe in going the extra mile and reaching new milestones.

BI puts the customer satisfaction at the core of our business decisions.

We propose to deliver sustainable solutions which we understand to be useful innovative and at a fair price for our markets. Altogether, we work with our clients and partners to also continuing upgrading our products catalogue overtime. 

Berliner Intermediates believes in Sustainability, Innovation, Performance & Value.


Logistics and Customs Brokerage Support.

We organize the transportation for you from our valued suppliers located between India and Eastern Europe. For smaller volumes, we hold storing facilities between Milan, Riga, and Stockton-on-Tees.

We will provide our best offer based on our existing logistics partners, selected by experts in the sector, and endeavor to respect the fastest delivery time possible.

We include customs brokerage (all the papers handling) in our service for shipments to Europe via Riga or Milano or Stockton-on-Tees. However, even if your site fell out of the reach of these points, you will be able to rely on our assistance with the process of clearance in your country. We offer experience with import/export handling and can obtain the various documents needed by the customs broker in your state.

For additional information and clarification, you can contact our logistics expert at


Technical Support.

It is in our and our suppliers best interest to offer technical customer support for the integration of our intermediates in your new or existing formulations. We assist with English, Russian and Italian with the idea of guiding to successful live testing.

Our technical advisors are expert in the polyurethane sector and with extensive knowledge of our products.

Before starting with your tests integrating the products we recommend to get together with our technical support for guidance aimed at quicker and effective results.

For a direct contact with our technical team, please do not hesitate to email


Certifications & Compliances.

To be able to trade in the EU we have looked up at the regulations imposed by REACH for the import of substances and new products. Up to today, BI deals solely with polymers in the EU, whose elements have either been registered by the suppliers or are exempted from registration because of un-harmful vegetable sources.

As far as new upcoming products and brands, which BI will distribute in the future, there will be by itself an investigation on the relative REACH compliance before any actual trade and consequent respect of the rules.