Flexible Foams & Integrals

BI offers castor oil based products which are key for the formulation of a good range of formulations for flexible foams up to 100kg/m3 + with enhanced tear and strength resistance. Based on the formulation, you can look at producing both low-resilience solutions ideals for schocks absorption or high-resilience ideal for comfort. All bio and eco-sustainable solutions. 

BI offers to help you with the development and facilitate an easier integration of our intermediates.


Semi-rigids & Synthetic Skins

Polyol type:  Aliphatic
Brand: Castorpol

Fn: 1.8 to 4.1
Mix rate: up to 50%
OH value: 125 to 285
MW: 700 to 1300

advantages: strength/ low resilience/ thermal stability / water and acids resistance

Cushions & Comfort

Polyol type:  Aliphatic
Brand: Castorpol

Fn: 2 to 4
Mix rate: up to 50%
OH value: 50 to 110
MW: 2000

advantages: resilience/ thermal stability