BI offers products based on various raw materials ranging between cardanol castor and rapeseed oil, all intermediates which are important for the formulation of numerous PUR PIR formulations with high compressive strength and long-standing dimensional stability and with a final density reaching up to 1000+ kg/m3. You can expect to achieve solutions which are non-abrasive and can be CNC machined or cut cleanly with water jets.

All bio and eco-sustainable solutions.

BI offers to help you with the development and facilitate an easier integration of our intermediates.

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Engine lubricants

Polyol type: Aromatic Aliphatic or Aliphatic or Aromatic Mannich
Brand: ExaPhen, Castorpol, AgroPols

Type of Line: Continuous or Discontinuous

Fn: 2 to 8
Mix rate: up to 50%
OH value: 150 to 400
MW: from 380 to 1200

advantages: strength/ stability / chemical resistance/ anti-fire/ reactivity/ low exothermic heat